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DJ Mal is known for his quality service, knowledge of his craft and his versatility when it comes to entertaining diverse audiences. Whether you're planning an exclusive event, a high profile business function or your next performance or tour, DJ Mal's services are perfect for you and your audience.


Your next corporate event should provide a pleasant and seamless experience for your guests, sponsors, colleagues and business partners. DJ Mal has provided DJ services for multiple companies and major corporations since 2015. His impressive ability to read crowds and select music that transcends culture to unify audiences make him an excellent choice for any professional or corporate event.


Any private event you have should offer a uniquely curated experience. DJ Mal comes second to none when it comes to creating the perfect mood and atmosphere for exclusive private events. Whether your event is themed or simply flows with the vibe of your guests, DJ Mal’s extensive knowledge of music partnered with his unique style of play allows him to connect with your audience.

Rooftop Party

A lively, high energy and engaging environment is something that we all look forward to experiencing. DJ Mal thrives off of combining music and culture to connect communities and produce an exciting and inviting musical experience. His versatile skills on the turntables and his dynamic and personable demeanor make him an excellent DJ for festivals, award shows, professional artist tours, performances and outdoor concerts.



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